While a responsive design is already an efficient strategy today, countless companies still have two sites, their mobile version and the primary one. However, the dual-version solution will require updating and managing two websites simultaneously. Moreover, it might cost double the time and resources and can result in various issues and confusion for search engines and users.

As we get going, we will outline why a responsive website design is more ideal than the dual-version method. So why should you go with a responsive website design?

The Advantages of Responsive Design

With the major growth and innovation of mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, and mobile device use through websites, games, social media, and apps, it’s essential to have a mobile-friendly business or company website.

With this, prospects and potential consumers can search your website and find information easily regardless of their devices. We’ve gathered five convincing reasons to use a responsive web design today.

1. Cost-efficient

Taking care of two different websites for your non-mobile and mobile audiences could be costly. But by utilizing a responsive design, you will save money by not spending on the mobile version of your website. Buying a single site design is sufficient to accommodate all your visitors regardless of their device. Still don’t have your own website? Get yours now from top Halifax web design companies to have your business discovered.

2. Seamless user experience

If your website still doesn’t have a responsive design, the visiting clients may not get the details they are looking for. Irrelevant images, baseless textual information, and pointless popups can divert users. However, a responsive website design helps users easily get the information they need.

Additionally, a responsive design also takes care of the website’s navigation which helps the users of all devices browse easily. So if you just got your e-commerce website from an online marketing services agency, it is required to make it responsive for a much better browsing experience.

3. Convenient tweaking features

If you own a website with a responsive design, you can easily make revisions in one go and not fret about making changes on your two websites if you’re utilizing the dual-version option. This feature is ideal and beneficial if you just want to apply quick design tweaks or fix typographical errors on your website.

If your website only supports non-mobile audiences, now’s the best time to make it responsive and grow your online presence by hiring a digital marketing Red Ear Media company.

4. Faster loading times

People tend to leave websites that take more than five seconds to complete loading content. However, websites with responsive design load faster regardless of the devices utilized to access them. Since they’re made with fluid grids and responsive images that facilitate faster loading, this can positively affect the duration of people visiting your website.

5. Increased mobile visitors

Did you know that virtually 55% of social media interactions occur on smartphones? So sharing links from social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Google to your website can help generate more traffic and visitors from mobile phones. Get responsive if you have social marketing solutions for growing your business and want to leverage sharing social content.