Hey, I’m James! Obsessed with exploring the world, meeting new folks, and becoming as missing as possible with my camera. I had been on the street for 1467 days involving 2014 — 2018, taking a chance on changing my career from restaurants to shooting the entire world and somehow it all worked out…

It is my hope that this website provides you inspiration (and useful suggestions) to go and pursue your own experiences. Traveling is the best form of education so go get dropped, even if it’s only out of your doorstep!

jamesI think that with the ideal research and preparation, someone is able to safely travel on her own nearly any place on earth. Educating everyone on the best way to traveling solo is my fire; I find it as a vocation.

In many regions of the Earth, it is typical for folks to travel independently and solo. In my home state, Canada, it is much less common. There are a lot of reasons for this, such as a significant political party trying to combine power and impair women’s rights, plus a 24/7 cable information environment that works to an alarm instead of informing.

I began this site to show everybody what it is like to travel solo. There’s a whole lot of fearmongering out that was designed to frighten people from traveling in there; I am here to clean the myths.

This site is here to assist — and amuse!

I am dedicated to showing you how you can find maximum value on your journeys — where to splurge, the way to conserve, and tons of secrets I have picked up along the way. Oh, and humorous travel stories, musings, and trendy travel photos.

Like anybody else on the planet, I have great times and bad times, but I guarantee to show you facts — with humor and honesty. In reality, the 1 comment I get from readers is, “You are so fair.” I really like that. It is my obligation to be certain that you’ve got the very best trips ever — which begins with telling the facts.

Deciding to live a lifetime of traveling is one of the greatest decisions I have ever created, and I am glad you have come along for the ride.

Thank you for visiting!