COVID-19 has unquestionably altered our travel habits, necessitating a negative PCR test as well as quarantine upon arrival. Travelers returning to the UK have been particularly hard hit, with a 10-day self-isolation requirement in place for anybody arriving from areas where the illness is prevalent. The Test-to-Release for International Travel program allows you to cut your quarantine time in half when you return to the UK.

An Introduction to Testing to Release

If you want to utilize it, get a private test from a government-approved source and stop self-quarantine if the results are negative. Here’s how to do a Test to Release to help you get out of quarantine faster.

What is the advantage of Test to Release?

The “Test to Release” process is considered a big boost for foreign travel since it ensures that travelers who test negative for COVID-19 will be able to be isolated for a shorter period of time when they return to the UK. 

Unless they came from a nation that shared a transit corridor with England, most visitors to England had to self-isolate until the plan was executed. Parallel to the travel corridors will run the Test to Release program. If you are from a nation not on the list, you may be able to reduce your self-isolation time and return to work or routine activities sooner.

How does Test to Release work?

Because you will need to fill out a passenger location form and include the name of an authorized testing provider for the system to work, you’ll need to schedule your COVID-19 exam before returning to the nation to participate in the Test to Release. You’ll have to resubmit your passenger location form, and your early release from isolation will be delayed if you don’t arrange your test before your return journey. After finishing this and returning to the nation, you must self-isolate for five days.

Take your PCR swab test and bring it to the laboratory according to your provider’s instructions on the 5th full day of self-isolation. If you are self-isolating, book a private COVID-19 test to speed up your test result. You may then return to your usual routine. According to government laws, if you test positive, you must self-isolate for 10 days after your test. On or before Day 2 and Day 8, you must complete your two mandatory exams.

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Passengers who have not been fully vaccinated but have passed a COVID test may be released from quarantine early under the Test to Release program. You have five days to test after landing in the UK. Before taking the Day 5 test, you must have had a negative day 2 rapid test result. The test should be scheduled ahead of time so that you may fill out the necessary details on your passenger locator form. Make your appointment as soon as possible to guarantee that the testing session you want on Day 5 is available.