Board Of Directors

Mario Circelli – Chair, Founder, Executive Director

Brian Mortimer – Officer

Alexandra Kane – Secretary

James Stewart Reaney – Officer

G. Scott Bollert – Officer


Website by Melissa Ogden, Silence Genti & Sarah Burke c 2017

Past & Present Steering Committee Members

Tara Scott, G. Scott Bollert, Alex Foster Roman, Amanda-Lynn Stubley, Andrew Purdy, Brady Parr, Brandon Eedy, Brian McMillan, Brian Mortimer, Christine Paterson, Joe Parry, Jacob Parry, Greg Hatchette, Ian Davies, Linda Wharton, Janis Wallace, Kevin Dunklee, Matt Farrant, Matt Grady, Melissa Parrott, Sarah Burke, Skye Sylvain, Fred Smith, Simon Larochette, “Jimi” James Tanney, Melissa Ogden, Ian Gifford, Greg Simpson, Darin Addison, Jenny Nauta, James Reaney, Adam Plante, Patrick Maloney, Andrea Dunn, Pat Maloney, Pierre Bussierre, Bianca Marcus, Josh Clark, Lauren Denault, Matt Weston, Derek Leung, Cam Paton, Kathy Navakas, Kaarlo Koskiala, Steven Aziz, Alexandra Kane, Janice Mills, Chris Parr, Steve Ward, Adam Dafoe, Edward Platero, Bob Breen, Brady Parr, Brian Lambert, Ian Davies, Brook Richardson, Kelly Richardson, Gggarth Richardson, Christian Lewis, Marty Ryersee, Don DiCarlo, Aaron Murray, Glenn Waugh, Tommy Alcatraz, Silence Genti, Michael DeeVee, Steve Kopp, Michael Musashi Marucci, Barb Whitney, Jim McCormick, Gina Farrugia, Kate Milner, Andrew Petrasiunas, Sarah SmithJody Stockfish, Cory Crossman, Ryner Stoetzer, Dave O’Halloran, Rena O’Halloran, Dan Brodbeck, Glenn Waugh, Demetri Manuel, Carolyn Mitchell, John M. Sharpe (Emeritus), Paul Sharpe (Emeritus), Greg Moore (Honorary), Mike Manuel (Honorary), Vicki Manuel (Honorary), George Manuel (Honorary), Richard Manuel (Honorary)

Past Chairs

Grant Stein

Grant first moved to London from Ottawa in 1988 to attend Fanshawe College’s Radio Broadcasting Program. He moved to Toronto where he became Music Director at Light 97.3 and returned to London in 1995 to work at FM96 in London, the Hawk (while it was in St. Thomas) and then back to London as MD and Assistant Program Director of FM96. In 1998 he became MD for what eventually became the London Corus Group of stations which included FM96, The Hawk, Energy and AM980. In 2002 he became Program Director at 94.9 CHRW, London’s Campus and Community Station. Grant has been Station Manager of 94.9 CHRW and at the University of Western Ontario since 2004. Check ’em out at CHRWRADIO.COM and TVWESTERN.CA!

John B. Young

John b. Young began his music career working/touring on the road, then moving to Vancouver with the Winnipeg band “Brave Belt,” who became the Canadian legends “Bachman, Turner Overdrive.” He left the band after the first album in the mid-70’s to attend the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College. Upon graduation John b. began working in the London music scene as an agent with BBR Agency booking high school and college one nighters plus local and regional clubs.

He returned to Fanshawe College in 1981 to become the first full-time entertainment programmer hired by the Fanshawe Student Union and has booked/worked with a wide range of local and national artist in his career at the campus, presenting artists in a variety of venues.
John b. has continually supported the local music scene and though his responsibilities have changed over the years. He feels it is important to expose to each generation of students… the unique experience of live music. John b. has also had the opportunity to meet and work with Jack Richardson, who began teaching at Fanshawe in the late ’80s.

John b. has supported the JRMA’s since its inception, publishing with the financing of the FSU a program for each awards show.
In 2006, he was asked to join the JRMA steering committee and is currently filling the role as chair of this committee. His goals were to elevate the award status by taking it from a popularity contest voting system to an academy membership made up of local music industry patrons and musicians, involve the youth of the community, improve the electronic communications and diversify the membership of the steering committee/volunteer base. He realizes this cannot be done in a vacuum, but with a group of like minded volunteers working together as a team for these goals.

Mario Circelli

Mario Circelli is a broadcast journalist, documentary filmmaker and musician. He has been involved with the local music scene since 1981 playing in a variety of bands before switching to behind-the-scenes work as an audio engineer and producer. In addition to several student films his documentary credits include, “In Our Own Words” chronicling the history of Italians in London and “Stinkin’ Out the Joint”, the history of London’s punk rock music scene.

His career in journalism began in 1988 starting off as a radio reporter and later General Manager of CHRW radio and TV Western before moving to television news. He also operates a marketing and communications consultancy.