Message from the Chair

It is because of the immense talent in London and area that the not-for-profit Jack Richardson London Music Awards (JRLMA) exists. We are here to preserve the incredible talent of the past, celebrate the music makers of today and encourage a new generation of musicians to explore, play and ply their music craft right here in London.

Putting together awards shows of this caliber and a full week of events is hard work and extremely time consuming. But it’s made possible by the hardwork and dedication of some 45 volunteers. Together we produce Canada’s only city specific music week – Jack Richardson London Music Week and we curate Canada’s only city specific music hall of fame – Jack Richardson Music Hall of Fame, opened November 12th, 2016 at 182 Dundas Street.  We continue to encourage young musicians with Jack’s Battle of the High School Bands and by awarding the JRLMA Ken Palmer Music Bursary; a scholarship for graduating London high school students studying music. 

JRLMA Steering Committee members donate their time, energy and talent voluntarily and without pay. We could never achieve such success without the people who have worked so tirelessly to bring you the Jack Richardson London Music Awards, Jack Richardson London Music Week and the Jack Richardson Music Hall of Fame. On behalf of the Board of Directors I thank each and every one of you for your hard work! Thank you for believing in this project and the music makers that comprise the London and area music community.

The JRLMA partners and cooperates with many organizations in our community; Downtown London, the London Arts Council, London Economic Development Corporation, Tourism London, Sunfest, The Home County Music & Arts Festival, City of London Music Office and many others. They believe in what we are doing. Our sponsors and supporters have helped to make the Jack Richardson London Music Awards the biggest celebration of London and area music!

From Guy Lombardo to Garth Hudson (The Band), from Tommy Hunter to Kittie from Marie Bottrell to Denise Pelley and all the great musicians in-between and throughout the decades; there is no doubt in my mind, Londoners make world class music. I salute you!

Kind regards,

MP Circelli
Chair, Jack Richardson London Music Awards

Jack Richardson London Music week

Jack Richardson Music Hall of Fame

Our Goals & Objectives:

  • To support the careers of emerging and established musicians in the local area through:

    • Acting as a resource for those interested in the music industry
    • Promoting music education
    • Providing instructional seminars, workshops and other materials or programs on relevant topics 
    • Educating musicians through participation in performance events
    • Facilitating mentorship opportunities
    • Increasing the public’s understanding and appreciation of the local music industry both past and present
    • Promoting interest in music amongst youth
    • To recognize the achievements of musicians and others in the local music communitythrough The Jack Richardson London Music Awards, Jack Richardson London Music Week (JRLMW) and other forms of recognition from time to time
    • To host events that bring together members of the local music community

The Nomination Process

The JRLMA Board of Directors appoints a Nomination Chair for each category annually in order to help establish our final list of nominees. Nomination Chairs must be active in the London and area Music Community, with specific expertise in regards to their assigned category. Each Nomination Chair is required to establish a committee of category experts (minimum four people) with advisement from the JRLMA Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee then submits a list of possible nominees to the JRLMA Board of Directors ahead of public voting. The JRLMA Board of Directors may approve or revise before the list is made available to the public for voting. 

JRLMA Artist Nomination Eligibility:

  • Artists should have performed in London or surrounding area (See catchment map below) at least once during the previous calendar year in which the Awards Gala is taking place (January 1 to December 31)
  • Artists should have released at least one new song during the previous calendar year in which the Awards Gala is taking place (January 1 to December 31)
  • Active in London and area music community
  • Artist or majority of band members must be from London, Ontario and / or surrounding area (See catchment map below) Within red boundary
  • Artists cannot win the same category award more than two (2) consecutive years 
  • As the JRLM Hall of Fame is the highest distinction, artists inducted into the Hall are no longer eligible for yearly category consideration

The JRLMA is proud to acknowledge that the land on which we gather is the traditional territory of the Anishinaabek, Haudenosaunee, Huron-Wendt, Attawandaron and Lenape Indigenous peoples. This territory is covered by the Upper Canada Treaties, including Treaty 6, the London Township Treaty.