A music video can help tell the story behind a song to fans and it’s also a great marketing tool for a band.  Know an amazing local music video? We want to see it! Here’s your chance to nominate yourself or someone else for the visual extension of a song. Here’s what we need for a video to be considered:

  1. Music Video Link
  2. Band Bio
  3. Band Photo
  4. Video Director Name
  5. Current Contact Information (Phone & E-mail)

1 video per band/director. The winning video will receive 1 award for the director/cinematographer and 1 award for the band. 

Music video must have been released in 2016. Upon nomination, you must be willing to send an electronic copy of your video for us to download and show on award night. 

Music videos will be judged based on the following: 

  1. Relevance and Emotional value– is there balance between what is happening on screen and what’s happening within the song.
  2. Visuals– elements of creativity, camera work
  3. Quality– does it look like it was produced with much effort, or passionately. No matter the budget. 
  4. Overall value– reflection, how does it leave you, is it memorable, etc. 
  5. Timeliness– Was released in 2016


2017 Nominations for this category are now closed.