The not-for-profit Jack Richardson Music Awards (JRLMA) exists as a regional music incubator to preserve the rich music history of our region, celebrate the music makers of today and encourage a new generation of musicians to explore, play and apply their music craft right here in London and surrounding area.



Have a look at our 2017 Winners, as announced April 2nd at Aeolian Hall and April 9th at London Music Hall. Congrats to all!



Jack Richardson London Music Week 2018

April 8th – 15th, 2018
Presented by Unifor – the union / lesyndicat



The Jack Richardson London Music Hall of Fame is located at 182 Dundas Street downtown. See our Class of 2017 Inductees!



JRLMA Wants to Bridge Music History

Please follow the link below and sign the petition.

The JRLMA is working toward having the 3 city bridges named in honour of the great London musicians. They are circulating an on-line petition at www.ipetitions.com/petition/bridging-our-music-history. Londoners are encouraged to sign the on-line petition to help.

The Jack Richardson London Music Awards (JRLMA) aims to make London a truly music focused community. In order to push the tempo up, the JRLMA is petitioning to honour three of London’s music greats. “It’s our goal to name the Queens Avenue Bridge spanning the Thames River downtown in honour of the late Jack Richardson,” says Mario Circelli, JRLMA Board Chair. The Board also recommends that the Richmond Street Bridges (north of Epworth Ave.) be named in honour of Garth Hudson and Priscilla Wright respectively. Hudson, Richardson and Wright are all Jack Richardson Music Hall Of Fame inductees.

Priscilla Wright hit it big in 1955 with her international hit single, Man In A Raincoat. The song was recorded at the CFPL radio studios with her father Don and his septet backing the teen idol. The song was such a smash hit, she was invited to sing it on the Ed Sullivan Show in July 1955 and she was selected by Cash Box Magazine as the Most Promising Artist of the Year. Hudson achieved international success as keyboardist for The Band. Hudson grew up on Epworth Avenue, a few blocks south of the span. Hudson attended Broughdale Public School and later Medway High School, and Western University.  “We consider Jack “The Bear” Richardson as the first champion of Canadian music,” says James Stewart Reaney JRLMA Board member.

Richardson is an Order of Canada recipient and the Juno Award for Producer of The Year is named in his honour. Ward 6 Councillor Phil Squire says the time is right because these legends came from London and never forgot their roots. “It makes sense,” says Squire. “We have a rich music history and we should commemorate them,” he says.

According to Ward 5 Councillor Maureen Cassidy, “Richardson, Hudson and Wright are wonderful examples of the truly amazing talent to come from our city. To honour these long-time Londoners in this way – bridging the past with the boundless future for music in London – is especially exciting. I’m so pleased to support this endeavour.”

For over 15 years the not-for-profit Jack Richardson London Music Awards (JRLMA), which also operates Jack Richardson London Music Week (JRLMW) and the Jack Richardson Music Hall of Fame, honours and celebrates the music-makers of London and surrounding area. The group annually recognizes the achievements of London and area musicians and promotes and preserves the areas music history.

Biographical information for all three honourees available at: www.jrlma.ca/inductees/