What Is So Different About the Music Business?

The music business isn’t quite different from the retail shops you purchase your equipment from. The moment you open your thoughts for this fact… that the easier it’s going to be that you advertise your music more efficiently.

So why is this? What exactly is it that keeps your regional music shop operational for 20 decades or longer? What exactly are you currently doing to succeed which you are not? More importantly… how do you get started applying some of the achievement methods for your music business?

Let us face it. The music business is probably among the toughest businesses to locate any type of succeeding in. I mean, you have got to gig and traveling, then there is your online presence with social media and updating your site regularly. So when do you’ve got enough time to consider marketing?


Therein lies the issue.

Most musicians whom I consult, simply are not considering marketing their music in any way. Would you believe it? Do you believe the music shop in town would live without some sort of marketing system set up? I don’t… and if you are thinking that those packages you’ve sent out to everybody on that record or bible book you bought are likely to score you a fresh business… guess.

The fact is that in order for one to be successful in the business you have to be outside in the “real world” constructing a faithful following of brand new lovers. At precisely the exact same time, you have to be in contact with your current fan base on a regular basis to make certain they’re delighted with you. Yes… pleased with you.

The Build It and They’ll Come Approach Does Not Work

If you are like many bands and musicians today, you are assuming the fans who came out into a gig a week are naturally likely to appear to the next gig simply since you email blast them. You did receive their email address precisely the last time that they came out to a show?

It is unfortunate, however, this really is the mindset that a good deal of rings are walking around and it is the exact same apathetic approach to coping with your fans (clients) that is losing you a whole lot of money. So why do I mention it?

Make a Giver. Your Fans Will Love It When You Share

Well, let us look at it like that… let us state that the rockin’ group you moved outside to view last week provided you a freebie just because you showed up to see them perform. Perhaps they gave you a digital card for a couple of free song downloads or heck, perhaps they splurged a bit and given you a free CD once you gave them your email address.

And let us mention that a couple of days following their series they shipped you an email telling you how good they thought you had been to displaying up to their gig and as a thank you, they had been supplying you insiders entry into the VIP part of their group site where you can log in and watch some of these cool movies they took since they recorded their final album.

Now if this is not trendy enough… what if they provided you a signed poster along with their most recent record free, in the event that you came out for their next gig… but now you brought a friend with you?

Wow! That is customer service. And that is follow up in its very best!

Sure you could shed a little money by giving away a number of your music, and also the price of CDs is not something to scoff at today, but imagine this enthusiast thought you’re cool, they brought three new lovers rather than only the one. What would that mean to your FUTURE revenue?

This is the way the retail music stores take action. They lure you back to their own shop together with seminars, music practices, coupons, and trendy things that you are into. They construct a long-term relationship with you. That is exactly what you want to get started considering if you speak with your supporters. The real money comes from there. The connection.

Loyalty Pays The Bills

Loyal fans who adore you so much nostalgic about all of the cool things you do to them and bring out their friends together to see you. And if they do… do not drop the chunk. Begin the process all over again with your new fan and observe your music business grow in a few large ways.